Full list of my games

At any given moment, I’m probably working on a number of different solo and collaborative side-projects. You can also find some of my stuff on itch.io.


Industries of Titan – I was the writer for the Early Access content in this city-building strategy game by Brace Yourself Games. My work included developing the advisor characters’ personalities, worldbuilding, tutorial dialogue, combat barks, and other narrative assets.

Planetfriend – As a challenge to ourselves, Brendon Chung and I made a little free game together about taking care of a tiny planet. You can shoot it with lasers that make it more horny.

A Monster’s Expedition – I edited this very funny videogame!

Tall Bagel – A 7DFPS jam submission by me and Brendon Chung. An awkward dinner simulator where you get revenge on the other guests using your long frog tongue.


Pathologic 2 — I was a localization writer on the English version of this game! Read more about that process here.

Realms of Runeterra — This isn’t a game, it’s a book! I wrote the short story The Daring Darling for this collection of fiction about the League of Legends universe.


The Hands of an Angry God — A Global Game Jam 2018 submission by Plus Ultra. This is an Amazon Alexa Skill that requires and Echo or an Echo Dot to play.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine — a commercial videogame about American folktales. I was a writer and editor on this project and you can read my postmortem here.

Ellipses RPG Starter Session scenario — I wrote a scenario for a very cool accessible roleplaying system! You can buy it!

Tango: The Adventure Game — I rewrote the English script for this game to both better-localize it into English and to punch up the jokes. It was an Honorable Mention in the 2019 IGF for narrative design!


You Got This, Brutadon! — A Global Game Jam 2017 submission by Plus Ultra. This is an Amazon Alexa Skill that requires an Echo or an Echo Dot to play.

How to grow a fully organic starter home in your backyard sporing hut in under one month — A Utopia Jam submission. I ran Utopia Jam with Cat Manning

2017 Bitsy Games — made using Bitsy, a very good small game making tool

The Grub — a twine-based MMO made for the Epistle 3 Jam, which I ran


The Ritual for the Mysterious Godforce That Unites Us All — A Global Game Jam 2016 submission by Plus Ultra

Assorted 2015/2016 Twitter bot projects

The Slug-in-Hand Tavern — a six-month-long narrative twitter bot. I both designed the bot and authored 20+ narrative tweets per day

OBAWCATRVOS — a party game I designed for the Imaginary Games Jam

A demo of Six Months, the long game I’ve been working on and writing about on this blog since 2014

BOYD games — For Emily Short’s Bring Out Your Dead jam, I released The Hunt, an unfinished map-exploration game, and Under the Village, an unfinished story about growing up as a fishperson.

The Galactic Snub — a submission to the Fermi Paradox Jam. About pestering alien ambassadors at a cocktail party.

Words Must Die — a submission to the Pippin Barr “Game Idea” Jam. A game where you shoot a gun to select choices in a hypertext game, but then the choices fly across the room, and also the story is about being in a gunfight, so also you have an imaginary narrative gun in the story also, and– well, go check it out.

The Brigand’s Story — I made this story/game for Halloween 2016. It is a short interactive experience based on a cyclical story that my friends and I used to chant in grade school.

Frog Fractions 2/Glittermitten Grove — I wrote the SPAXRIS sections of this game!


The Hive Abroad — an experimental, nonlinear story I wrote in Twine. NOT a game. Took me two years to finish– I started this one in 2013. Read more here.

Detective City — a Global Game Jam I made with my friends Kent, Meagan, and Rosstin. It won the Narrative/Theme award at the USC location of GGJ2015! More about it here.

The Mystery of Skull Island — a game I helped make for the Teacart 1K jam. It uses the Sharecart save file format, which is very cool. More about Sharecart here.

Slaughtertrain Draft One — a submission to the GameJolt Adventurejam. It won #16 overall out of 86 games and was ranked #7 for “most funny”. (And #11 for “most charming,” whatever the hell that means.)

Corgi Summer School: Supreme Court Edition — a submission to the Corgi Jam. A silly joke game written in reaction to the pair of landmark Supreme Court cases decided during the week before the jam.

Slaughtertrain — the updated version of Slaughtertrain! 102 train cars, art, music, sound effects. A big game. Biggest game I’ve ever worked on outside work.

Monstr for LD33 — the first Ludum Dare jam I ever did. Plus Ultra teamed up again to crank out a dating website for monsters. The game itself is here, but check out our LD submission page, too. And read more here.


Spaceship Carptain — a twine game I made for the Naked Twine Jam. Very rough, no CSS or javascript modification allowed in this jam.

Basketballs in Traffic Cones Dot Com — a website correcting a grave void in the internet. More info here.

Meeting Strangers in the Street — an essay I wrote that ended up front page on Hacker News. People seemed to like it a lot. It’s about the few months I spent in the Bay Area playing Ingress like an obsessive immediately before I moved to Los Angeles.


Verified Facts — a conspiracy-theory generator. Containing over 10,000 words of content, this program is capable of producing long and rambly accusations about a large number of topics, including me. Read more here.

The Cursed Sword of Shagganuthor — a Molyjam 2013 submission I made by myself in less than one day.

You Monster! — a Molyjam 2013 submission I made with a team in San Francisco.

Sister Power Activate — an iamagamer jam submission I made with my friend Katie in Mountain View.

Swan Hill — a Twine story about two brothers who have grown apart. Was featured on Metafilter and Rock Paper Shotgun.

Desert Hike EX — a submission to the SF Indie Game Jam. We won “narrative excellence” and “outside-the-box use of theme”!


Cardboard Baby — a Molyjam 2012 submission I helped make with a team in Oakland.