The Grub

My Epistle 3 Jam game is done!

Epistle 3 Jam is the jam I’ve been running (in a rather low-effort way) on itch for the last two months. You can read more about it here, and find the whole jam here.

Today I completed my submission: The Grub, a text game about killing Doctor Breen. It has online features, and I am deciding to call it an MMO.

You can find The Grub here.

If you find a bug or something breaks, please contact me on twitter. It is likely that if too many people use the game at once, the online features might not work. We just have no idea when it will break.

I intend on adding more to this game– hopefully, art and music. I simply ran out of time this month. Too much going on!

The server code was written by Bennett Sala, noble brother of Rachel Sala, my roommate and the artist of Frog Fractions 1 and 2. Bennett doesn’t have a social media account or a website for me to link to, but he’s very extremely excellent and the game would not exist without him. Thanks, Bennett!

I plan on playing all of the Epistle 3 Jam games as soon as I can and writing some of them up. Thanks to everyone who participated, and good luck to the folks still working on their stuff!

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