I had a story in Realms of Runeterra

Earlier this fall, Riot, my employer, released a physical book about League of Legends’ lore. It’s called Realms of Runeterra, and my writing is in it!

The book itself is a cross between a short story collection and an encyclopedia-esque lore-tome of setting information. I contributed a short story about the Shadow Isles called “The Daring Darling.” It’s a murder mystery which involves a large number of murderous ghosts and, I think, a couple cool twists.

After 8 years working in games writing and editing, this is the first time my work has been published commercially on a piece of paper. It was a thrill to get a copy of a physical object with my name in it! However, I definitely did not expect my first published fiction to be inside a universe which takes a bit of background to understand. I bought copies for all my family members, but I think the people who will get the most out of this book are the kind of people who are actively interested in this universe and its (many, many) major characters. If you’ve ever sought out League lore, this book will be a thrill for you, I think.

Anyway–the lore facts kick ass, my coworkers’ stories kick ass, and my story contains a large number of ghosts and murders, none of them wasted. You can find the book in English now in physical stores or on a variety of online storefronts. Other languages are on the way as well.


  1. Hi Laura,

    I’m so glad to have found this. Your short story was amazing, it was my favourite out of all the stories from the book!
    I’m actually creating a D&D campaign story of sorts and one of the first characters that I’m going to introduce is going to be Fayette (she quickly became one of my favourite non-playable characters from the lore). However, there are a few details about her that are vague or unspecified. I was wondering things what her age is, what she might look like and if you know any more information about her that isn’t stated in the story. I would really like to see her show up in future stories too.
    Also, what would Fayette be doing after the story?

    Thanks for the amazing story and I hope to read more stories from you in the future.

    • Thanks for the kind comments!

      I haven’t done any additional work on or about Fayette but I think she has to be at least 35 or so in the book for her life story to make sense. If it didn’t go in the story, however, I didn’t record it anywhere, because I wanted to keep it easy for my coworkers to use her again if they wanted to. It’s easiest to reuse characters if there isn’t a lot of unnecessary information about them pinned down. I had an idea about how she would look, I think, but I don’t remember if I recorded it anywhere and I’ve forgotten what I picked, haha. Probably better to lose that info so that someone else can pick her up and use her if they want!

      I think after the story she would head back to Bilgewater! No idea what she’d do next, though, haha.

      • Hi Laura,

        Apologies for the late reply, I had set up notifications for your reply, but I’ve never done it before so I failed to verify my email!
        Thanks for the information, it makes sense to me now that you haven’t included much detail for Fayette’s bio, and I hope that Riot pick her up at some point in the near future!
        In case you’re interested, I decided to have Fayette set up a tavern and a lodging house in Bilgewater. She also still has many regulars from TDD that go for drinks and actively protect her when shady people enter the tavern. The players in the campaign are due to stumble upon her in the coming weeks!

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