The Hands of an Angry God is available on Amazon Alexa devices

I forgot to write about this in the run-up to WTWTLW’s release, but the Global Game Jam 2018 game I made with Kent Sutherland, Rosstin Murby, Kellie Medlin, and Brook Nichols is now up on the Amazon store!

The Hands of an Angry God is a follow-up to our GGJ17 game, You Got This, Brutadon. It’s also a game for Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo and Echo Dot. In THOAAG you play as an immortal, godlike being who sleeps in a temple, waking only one day every thousand years. When you awake, one of your worshippers will ask you their most burning question. Your response will affect how the entire world behaves, and what people all over the planet believe.

You can find it here!

THOAAG is more toylike than Brutadon– it has no fail-state and it mainly just exists to tell you weird jokes. However, it does contain a truly extraordinary quantity of jokes. This was probably the hardest writing challenge we have given ourselves in three years of GGJ projects with this team– every single sentence had to be a joke and there was absolutely no room for filler material. There are five ages that each generate increasingly-large descriptions of the world state– 240 individual world-state description phrases, and at least two different ways for each supplicant to ask you about each problem they have, and separate positive and negative responses for each of those questions. Anyway, it’s very silly.

Try enabling in on the Alexa store! Let me know what you think about it!

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