Assorted Assertions

Those toe shoes are just as weird and ugly as crocs. Roughly same things are often said in their defense, too. The only reason we tolerate these shoes is because fit, active people wear them.

The humanities are even more important than the sciences, because they teach you the art of bullshit. Confident bullshitting is a critical life skill. It is tied closely to the arts of writing and public speaking, and all three are united by the art of persuasion. Teach your children these things early in life, before you encourage them to study a science.

People who obsessively create extremely high-quality fan works, in any medium, are robbing themselves of the ability to benefit from their own creative output. They should stop and invent their own things instead.

Sci-fi plots focusing on transhumanist ideas or stories are not exciting when they are straight robot stuff. They don’t hinge on any issues that normal people have. Normal people do not worry about whether to become an android or beam of disembodied space energy. Mass Effect 3 should have dumped the transhumanist/robot life subplot and focused on Space Politics or Space Racism instead, because politics and racism are issues that real people think about. The only way to make transhumanism interesting is to turn it into a bodily-autonomy issue, since that is a real world issue that real people deal with. (This is what DX:HR did.)

Almost everyone in Silicon Valley is paid too much.

Humor is most definitely a learned skill, not an innate quality that people are born with. People usually learn to be humorous as children, often as a coping mechanism, but if you have enough confidence and the right kind of feedback, you can learn to be funny at any time in your life.

There are no dead game genres. All game genres assumed dead will eventually return in some form, when given the proper platform and cultural moment.

Every Time X Does Y


A list of every time David Banner Hulks out in the old Hulk TV show

A list of every woman James Bond ever slept with in the Bond movies

A list of every person Jack Bauer kills onscreen in 24

A list of every time The Snail appears in an Adventure Time episode

A video showing all the kicks in the movie Kickboxer

A video showing every time Charlton Heston speaks in Planet of the Apes

A video showing every time the tenth Doctor said “sorry” during his entire run in Doctor Who

A video showing every time Picard said “tea, earl grey, hot” during the entire run of TNG

A video showing every one of Spock’s Vulcan death grips duing the entire run of TOS, set to obnoxious music

A video showing every time Link says “Excuse me, Princess” in the Legend of Zelda TV show