Six Months Demo

I’ve been griping about Six Months since the beginning of time and I’ve never showed more than about 8 people a single scrap of the actual goddamn game. Time to fix that! Head here to play the prologue and first month of Six Months. Head here to download the twine source file and a local … Continue reading

Six Months Inspirations

While working on Six Months, I haven’t done a lot of explicit “worldbuilding” work. There are no documents or maps or world bibles describing the places in my story. I do a ton of that for my day job, and I don’t really welcome it into my personal projects. Besides, I’ve spent so long working … Continue reading

Progress on Six Months

I’m still working on my sequel to Swan HIll, a novella-length twine game called Six Months. I’ve been working on it now for about six months off and on. (Ha!) My recent move to Los Angeles has left me pretty isolated, without a lot of things to do or people to hang out with IRL– … Continue reading

Matajuegos translated a post of mine!

The videogames blog Matajuegos ran a Spanish translation of my post Let’s Talk About Choices: Traditional CYOA. That post is a detailed examination of the effect that list-format, Choose Your Own Adventure-style choices can have on a hypertext story. It mostly focuses on effects that choice lists can have on the way a player interprets your … Continue reading

A Bilious 2015 Retrospective

What did I accomplish in 2015? Too much, really, of the wrong things. I essentially wrote only one (extremely long) chapter of my major Twine story, Six Months. I rewrote large chunks of earlier parts of the story, but that editing fuckery can be poor comfort. I also made the decision to port it to … Continue reading