I had a story in Realms of Runeterra

Earlier this fall, Riot, my employer, released a physical book about League of Legends’ lore. It’s called Realms of Runeterra, and my writing is in it!

The book itself is a cross between a short story collection and an encyclopedia-esque lore-tome of setting information. I contributed a short story about the Shadow Isles called “The Daring Darling.” It’s a murder mystery which involves a large number of murderous ghosts and, I think, a couple cool twists.

After 8 years working in games writing and editing, this is the first time my work has been published commercially on a piece of paper. It was a thrill to get a copy of a physical object with my name in it! However, I definitely did not expect my first published fiction to be inside a universe which takes a bit of background to understand. I bought copies for all my family members, but I think the people who will get the most out of this book are the kind of people who are actively interested in this universe and its (many, many) major characters. If you’ve ever sought out League lore, this book will be a thrill for you, I think.

Anyway–the lore facts kick ass, my coworkers’ stories kick ass, and my story contains a large number of ghosts and murders, none of them wasted. You can find the book in English now in physical stores or on a variety of online storefronts. Other languages are on the way as well.