I’m gonna be editing The Forgotten City

This E3, a new project I’m working on was announced! The Forgotten City is an Unreal Engine remake/reimagining of a very popular Skyrim mod of the same name. Check out the trailer:

I’ve played the mod– it’s a whole-ass six-plus-hour Skyrim story mod with full voice acting and one of the most wild goddamn plots I’ve ever seen in a fan-made mod. (Also, it won an Australian Writer’s Guild award, which is pretty neat.) Even if you’ve played too much Skyrim in your life already (as I probably have), the weird shit in this story still feels very fresh and inventive. I recommend playing it!

I’m stoked as hell to be editing Nick Pearce’s script for the Unreal version. Even if you’ve played the mod before, I think the new version will surprise you!

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