Matajuegos translated a post of mine!

The videogames blog Matajuegos ran a Spanish translation of my post Let’s Talk About Choices: Traditional CYOA. That post is a detailed examination of the effect that list-format, Choose Your Own Adventure-style choices can have on a hypertext story. It mostly focuses on effects that choice lists can have on the way a player interprets your story, and covers some of the strengths and weaknesses of the choice-list format.

You can find the translation here. It’s by David Marchand, an excellent Twine author I’ve been following for years. The most brilliant thing about this translation is that he translated my screencaps and even translated my animated gif where I demonstrate a scene in Six Months that uses inline links by recreating the gag in Twine 2. Wild as hell!!

Check out Matajuegos if you speak English, too! They do English translations of their original criticism.

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