My schedule is opening up: pay me money to work for you

I’ve been busy wrapping up a couple projects over the last few months. At this time, I’m wrapping up work on WTWTLW and on an edutainment game I’m editing. (Finally, I have lived out my edutained childhood dream!!) This means that my schedule is opening up and that you can hire me to write for you!

I have experience both writing and editing commercial games projects and I’ve worked with games that are at the concept stage before. For examples of my work, check out my portfolio website and my

I can do the following stuff for you, a money-haver who needs work done:

  • Write your game
  • Write your thing that isn’t a game
  • Edit your existing written content for correctness and style
  • Help you create pitch materials for your game, particularly re: your game’s narrative
  • Create internal narrative documentation or reference materials for you to send to artists or other non-writer creatives

Let me know if you have any work that needs doing!! I can provide you with rate examples and point you towards people who can vouch for my work. I am a flexible writer who has worked in many different genres and is skilled at both traditional prose and VO script content.

You can reach me at laura at lauramichet dot com.

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