A whole bunch of videos I enjoyed for whatever reason


Haunting/hypnotizing performance by a guy, two giant robotic arms, and a projection-mapping apparatus that maps images onto moving objects.


Percussive Maintenance

A wonderful supercut/music video of various TV and film characters slapping, punching, and tapping broken hardware


Flying eagle point of view

Someone put a GoPro on an eagle and flew it around in the Alps. Makes me yearn for videogames that don’t exist.


Bad Apple 4.6 Million!

There were a bunch of news posts on various nerd news sites about a year ago about “black MIDI,” a musical style that involves making MIDI software play impossible songs containing millions of notes. This is one of the ones I most enjoyed.

Jazzpunk’s live-action trailer

Adult Swim made a live-action trailer for Jazzpunk. It’s both highly similar to the game and wildly unlike the game. I enjoy it a lot.

David Lynch’s Return of the Jedi

If David Lynch had made Return of the Jedi, it would have been a fucking trainwreck masterpiece and I would have adored it.

Russian Sherlock Holmes TV show

This Russian TV show is an unusual spin on Sherlock Holmes. Holmes himself is a little incompetent; Watson picks up a lot of his slack. Interesting and weird!

The Death and Return of Superman

This has been one of my favorite long-form Youtube videos for well over a year now. Max Landis explains how Superman’s death BROKE DEATH IN COMICS. Wonderful narration. Elijah Woods shows up for some reason.