Some word things I have recently enjoyed

JAWS: The Text Adventure by Matt Round


Is it a spoiler if I tell you that you PLAY THE SHARK in this game? Most of my friends seem to have not realized that they were the shark until they began eating people.

Anyway. It is the plot of Jaws. As a text adventure. Relive the exciting cinematic experience in grainy cyan and crimson.

Nested by Orteil


The same masterful mind that brought us Cookie Clicker has created a text “simulation” of the entire known and unknown universe. This is one of the most gorgeous things I have seen in the past several months, period. You simply must see it for yourself.

At the risk of spoiling some content, here are a very very few questions you should solve for yourself before you stop playing with Nested:

  • Who says “ACK ACK ACK”?
  • What can you find inside music?
  • What do bacteria think about?
  • What can you find inside underwear?
  • Can you find a castle?
  • Can you find a cookie? How about A LOT OF COOKIES?

Utopia by Tom Flynn


I am strangely attracted to this weird little picture-sound-poem.

That’s all I have to say on the matter.

Guilded Youth by Jim Munroe and Matt Hammill


I got this game as part of the LA Game Space gamepack. However, it is also available on the internet at the link above. But if you have $15 to spare I recommend getting the game pack; it has a lot of neat and trippy stuff in it.

Guilded Youth is about kids exploring things they don’t understand. it gets weird and confusing at one point in exactly the way that youth is weird and confusing, and I was super impressed. Very short and easy play with great art.

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