Games that are more than they seem

There’s a certain emotion related to the process of discovery that games have an easier time communicating than almost any other media.

Listed below are a few games which use “the thrill of discovery” in a very specific way. These games drop you into one kind of context, then give you the option of dramatically or repeatedly smashing that context into a million pieces.

And below that context lies another, bigger one, scarier and more exciting simply because you didn’t expect it to be there.

I can’t really say much about these games without ruining the experience for you. (It’s also made screenshotting some of these games very difficult.) Click on the names to go to the game or the game’s website.

Frog Fractions


Candy Box


Starseed Pilgrim


Little Inferno


Drop a Beat, Guiseppe!


Here’s an interesting article┬áthat was recently reposted in several places– it was written several months ago by Starseed Pilgrim’s designer, Droqen. It touches upon the kind of thing (Droqen calls it “horizon breaking”) that a lot of these games are kind of doing.