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I haven’t written on the internet in a while. Two years ago, my friend Kent and I used to write about videogames on Back then I had a lot of frothy college-student-with-nothing-to-do energy, so I wrote all these crazy, vaguely-argumentative things about videogames, and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Now I have to sit in an office for eight hours a day, and drive cars around, and pay for things, and secure my own nutrients and shelter, and worry about the future, so I have less energy and less of a desire to be singleminded about anything. These days, if you tried to make me write 2000 thoughtful words a month about the medium of videogames, I would just spread my hands helplessly and make defeated grunting sounds until you gave up.


I would probably look something like this.

I’ve recently become more interested in short-form interactive fiction or adaptive prose and have been experimenting with Twine and other kinds of writing projects. I hope to put some of that on this website, along with whatever else strikes my fancy. Expect to see more about comic books and movies than you did previously.

Thanks for stopping by.

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